How to Develop a Winning Strategy at BeeZid

Published: 27th May 2011
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If youíre reading this you must have already heard of BeeZid and may even participated in one of their penny auctions. Although a fairly new site BeeZid is becoming one of the largest and well know penny auctions sites on the Internet. This is mostly due to their heavy advertising on national television, terrestrial and satellite radio. BeeZid is quickly catching up to BidCactus, the other large penny auction site that currently dominates this market segment.

Recently there have been some members at BeeZid that won incredibly expensive items at extremely low prices. Participating in a BeeZid auction is simple, but winning it is extremely hard. You might be wondering how it can be possible for you to snatch one of those expensive items for practically nothing. PlayStations, Xboxs, large screen TV sets, cars and a wide array of other items can be won by developing a strategy that can allow you to beat other members with relative ease. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to develop a winning strategy and finally win some auctions at BeeZid.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

things youíll need:
BeeZid account
First head over and read other articles on How to Bid at BeeZid and How to Stay Competitive In a BeeZid Auction (see resource section) to get some basic ideas on how to try to win auctions. These articles are packed with important information and strategies you can use to outsmart other players when bidding on items at BeeZid.

Observe the progress of the auction for the item which you would like to win. Have a pen and paper handy and write down the name of the person who wins that auction. BeeZid auctions off similar items, so once the person wins the item they probably wonít bid on that item again. Additionally if the same persona wins 10 auctions within 28 days they canít bid until the 28 days pass. This is known as Auction Limit and eliminates some members who won many items from participating in auctions in order to let other members get a chance to win some products. The more players that win the same auction the higher your chances will be of winning the following auctions for the same item.

Accumulate a large amount of bids in your account. Before beginning to bid on actual items try bidding on Bid Packs through a Bid Free Auction (auction that does not use any bids). Not only will this let you practice good bidding timing, it will also allow you to win some bids at low prices. Spend at least a week participating in these auctions to try and accumulate as many bids as you can.

Follow certain members and take notes on when they bid, when they donít bid and what they bid on. Having this information handy will allow you to participate in auctions that certain players stay away from. If someone seems to be really good at winning auctions or just has many bids you will be able to stay away from competing against these players.

When you finally begin participating in an auction wait for a while to start bidding. If the auction has a time limit of 1 hour and has been going on for over 1 Ĺ hours consider jumping in and bidding. At this point many players that have been consistently bidding might be tired and want to end this auction. Some players might have already gave up and left the auction, and others might be on the edge of quitting. This will present a perfect opportunity for you to jump in and win the items that you like at low price.

Once you win an auction write down all the steps that it took you to get there. This will help you identify weak and strong points in your strategy, and help you form an overall winning strategy. You can use this strategy in future auctions to win items at extremely low prices. Continue to modify your strategy when you begin to win more auctions and gain greater bidding experience.

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